Our values

Our main values: "tribal spirit" and customer sense 

The most important asset of a community is the men and women who are involved in it, and the values that bring them together. Qwamplify is no exception.

Today, our strong customer orientation empowers our teams to give the best of themselves for our customers and their consumers.


Our "high-five" :


  • PASSION: To be passionate about our profession and the challenges faced by our clients. The conviction that each of our actions have an objective to satisfy the customer is decisive.

  • COMMITMENT: To be able to propose original and ambitious solutions to our customers. We thrive to find solutions that  are perfectly adapted to our customers and their consumers. 

  • EMPATHY: To know how to listen, to feel and to observe; to be able to understand the real challenges of the customers and how the consumers think.

  • BENEVOLENCE: To challenge without judging, to be willing to share. Essential in a team, benevolence helps mutual enrichment and progression on a daily basis.

  • TRIBAL SPIRIT: We go faster on our own but further together. To remain attentive to others, to rely on them and to contribute to their projects. To know how to resonate, to share and of course to celebrate success!