Qwamplify: pure-player in sales promotion becomes a key player in digital​

The QWAMPLIFY Group (formerly Custom Solutions) was initially a pioneer in the creation of promotional activation program management platforms, and in the collection of consumer data. Before becoming a key player in Digital, serving Brands.

Pioneer of promotional activation in 1997

Originally operating a simple statistical tool to measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns (brands, geography, customer history with the brand, ...), we have progressively enriched our data exploitation techniques and increased the performance of our platforms to have a stronger impact on the ROI.

In recent years, exponential growth of digital uses has accelerated the development of our expertise in the exploitation of this data, moving from one-to-many transactional activation to personalised interaction.

At the heart of the disruption of uses

Since the early 2000s, two evolutions have revolutionised the way of doing business:

  • Consumers: Excessive opportunism has made conventional advertising stimuli less and less effective. And at same time, attitudes have shifted in the outburst of bargain hunting behaviour;
  • Brands: the use of digital promotional stimuli that generate impulse buying has emerged as a strategic lever and has transformed the "one-size-fits-all" push approach into a more and more personalised interaction.

In a decade, we have transformed our practices and our vision of the Marketer's profession, in order to be able to support Brands in all their challenges related to the "shopper's journey", both in the digital universe and in the physical points of sale. 

Today, a 360 ° Digital Marketing Expert


Today, Qwamplify is a key player in Digital Marketing "in Real Life", with a particular expertise in Brand and Consumer interactions throughout their life cycle.

Our experts support the Marketing and Digital Departments in the following challenges:

‣ Strategy and Digital Transformation

‣ Online & Offline Acquisition

‣ Activation - Engagement

‣ CRM - Loyalty