Cub Cadet

The American brand Cub Cadet, a player on the mowers and robotic mowers’ market,
has been trusting Qwamplify for 3 years to strengthen its notoriety and the visibility of its products and distributors.


  • Work on the brand’s notoriety
  • Boost the sales during the spring highlights


  • Data analytics, SEA, SEO
  • Activation Shopper
  • Display
  • Youtube Challenge

What we did

  • The cluster Qwamplify Media deploys SEA, display and YouTube in order to make the brand and its products known
  • The SEO improves the brand’s notoriety while making the website more visible
  • The cluster Qwamplify Activation deploys and leads the reimbursement offer in order to generate drive-to-store and additional sales